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Frontia® Prime from Novozymes takes corn separation to the next level

The new enzymatic solution Frontia® Prime from Novozymes enables corn starch and sweetener manufacturers to further increase their yields, save additional energy and cut, even more, CO2 emissions. Frontia® Prime is the second-generation corn separation enzyme.

In 2017, Novozymes launched the first enzymatic corn separation solution ever, revolutionizing the industry by allowing starch manufacturers to run their corn mills in a more efficient way which is not possible with mechanical separation only.

The first-generation enzyme called Frontia® Fiberwash allowed plants to improve their starch yield, cut energy costs and improve their CO2 footprint. The product has now become a standard in the industry and today more than 1/3 of corn for producing starch in the world is treated with this enzymatic solution. In close cooperation and dialogue with the starch industry, Novozymes realized that there was still unlocked potential in enzymatic corn separation and we are now excited to announce a breakthrough for the next generation in corn separation technology.

“We’ve worked closely with the starch industry for the past five years and we’ve realized that there is still significant additional value that can be created through biotechnology and have invested to develop a new molecule that delivers even better corn separation, enhancing all the benefits of the first-generation enzyme. After several years of testing and substantial investments in R&D, we are proud to launch Frontia® Prime, which we believe will drive considerable additional gains for our customers”, says Hans Ole Klingenberg, Vice President, of Marketing Industrial Biosolutions at Novozymes, and continues: “The product, based on a brand-new xylanase component, delivers even higher starch yield and energy savings than its predecessor and it’s especially effective in releasing protein from corn fiber, which is the most valuable co-product of the wet milling process”.

Produce more with less
Corn wet millers all over the world face the challenge of producing more with less due to increasing raw material and energy costs and at the same time being under pressure from customers, communities and regulators to improve their environmental footprint. Novozymes is confident that this patented solution will help the corn starch industry to become even more efficient and sustainable.

“Frontia® Prime takes corn separation to the next level. It reduces the starch left in fiber by up to 60% and increases protein release by up to 30% compared to mechanical separation, allowing plants to their final yield. It also helps to reduce fiber moisture by 20% which enables customers to save on natural gas and the impact is significant in terms of CO2 and energy savings, with a reduction of up to 12 Kg CO2/MT corn”, says Hans Ole Klingenberg, Vice President, Marketing Industrial Biosolutions at Novozymes.

Calculate how much you can save by using Frontia® Prime
The financial and sustainability impact of using Frontia® Prime can be estimated by using Novozymes’ online calculator.

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