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Rastgar Group & BUHLER Group hosted Technology Conference

Rastgar Group in collaboration with Buhler Group organized a Rice Processing Expert event at its office in Korangi Karachi on February 1st, 2023. The event was attended by major rice exporters, members, and senior office bearers of REAP. Heiko Jopke, a renowned Rice Processing Expert from the Buhler Group shared his valuable insights on how to improve rice processing yields for Rice Exporters in Pakistan.

Rastgar also displayed the Buhler Sortex machine which was the center of attention of participants who showed keen interest in the machine. Fuad Garib who is actually using the Buhler Sortex machine for their rice processing ensured Exporter upgraded to Buhler for better rice processing yields with a minimum amount of waste.

Mr. Imtiaz Rastgar of Rastgar & Co.

Imtiaz Rastgar, Chairman, of Rastgar Group spoke on the need for REAP to lobby the government of Pakistan on building the capacity of the Rice Sector through Supervised credit for the global supply of value-added rice products, with a view to earning better foreign exchange from the same crop size. REAP also needs government support for allowing machinery and spares from India. Imtiaz Rastgar also spoke about the need for global collaborations by Pakistani Rice Exporters.

Heiko Jopke, Sales head of Buhler in Pakistan spoke about the technical advancement of Buhler rice processing machines and the benefits rice exporters can derive from them. Heiko Jopke also answered questions from attendees regarding Buhler technology.

Leading rice exporters attended the event held at the Korangi office of RASTGAR Group and acknowledged the benefits of Buhler machines already functioning at their plants. During the event. The event also featured a networking session, allowing attendees to connect with other rice exporters and industry professionals.

Engr. Naeem Khanani while sharing his thoughts on technology and innovation for food processing especially Rice to worthy members of the Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) on eve of Buhler & Rastgar jointly organized a technical session on high-yielding rice processing through innovative technologies with minimal wastages target ingredients Export markets.

The event was well attended by REAP member companies and endorsed their confidence in Buhler technology. Some of the key members who attended the event are Farhan Nadeem, CEO of Baba Saraj Corporation, Irfan Ahsan GM NIRAAV Pakistan, Mirza Tanveer Baig, Al-Karam Rice, Salar Ghori, Director Matco Foods, Safder Hussain Mehkri, CONWILL Pakistan, M. Noman Arif, Proprietor AMI Exports and Managing Director, GARIBSONS.

Rastgar Group is committed to supporting the rice industry in Pakistan and is excited to host such events in the future also to help rice exporters improve their operations and increase their yields.

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