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BIOMETiC Q Eye Smart vegetable and fruit sorter

BIOMETiC presents Q Eye Smart at FRUIT LOGISTICA, the only quality scanner for the fruit and vegetable industry entirely based on artificial intelligence (BIOMETiC Ai). Nominated for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award.

With more than 40 years of experience in real-time biometric scanning solutions and high-speed process optimization, BIOMETiC is a reliable provider of innovative solutions for the fruit and vegetable industry. The South Tyrolean company helps to increase the added value of your fresh produce and ensure your international customers’ success and satisfaction.

The new BIOMETiC Q Eye Smart is the only quality scanner for fruits and vegetables fully based on an artificial intelligence platform (BIOMETiC Ai).

This state-of-the-art, unique technology from BIOMETiC gives you a more precise and efficient sorting process that ensures the highest quality of your products while reducing costs and waste.

Q Eye Smart’s BIOMETiC Ai platform uses learning algorithms to allow customers to build a personalized quality database based on their specific fruit or vegetable varieties. This ensures you have an optimized and customized sorting process that is flexible, constantly updated, and responsive to any market-driven requirements.

Q Eye Smart is equipped with other state-of-the-art technologies, including image processing algorithms and CROMETiC cameras designed and developed in-house. These ensure the comprehensive analysis, with several types and varieties of fruit and vegetables analyzed 360°.

These sophisticated analysis algorithms enable the most accurate location and identification of complex fruit defects, including calyx and peduncle areas. The BIOMETiC Ai platform thus allows continuous improvement in fruit quality detection by adding fruit features according to grower needs.

With BIOMETiC, you can streamline your sorting and traceability processes and ensure regulatory compliance while guaranteeing your customers high-quality produce.

BIOMETiC participates in the prestigious FRUIT LOGISTICA, the annual trade fair held in Berlin for the global fresh fruit and vegetable industry.

There, the South Tyrolean company presents its most innovative solutions and systems to a worldwide audience, highlighting the benefits of its products through live demos for the fruit and vegetable industry.

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